Monday, August 21, 2006

SMS...from theCPM!

ust a few short months after Amit Sana and gang resorted to Smsing people in an attempt to get them to vote on the rip-off of Indian Idol, an entire different group of people are doing the same thing to popularize their ideas.And they are not contestants on some music show ,neither are the stakes as low as on Idol!
These people are the CPM and the stake is the throne of Bengal.
Let me explain
What the CPM is essentially doing is using clever means to get around the campaighning restrictions on the upcoming elections,which for those of you who dont know,bans the use of mikes and grafiti.
What the have done is brilliant.They are SMSing people with their logo and the words (ei chinhe bhot din) wrapped aroung it .
The psychological aspect is mind -boggling!
All they have to do is send it to a few people and wait for it to spread,which it surely will,even if it is just for the novelty of the whole thing.
One can almost hear the thought of people as they push the appropriate buttons on their cells
The supporters must be thinking"Look how mordern the party has become..i MUST SHOW xyz...he must vote for them!"
The non-supporters must be thinking"Look at what the b****ds are doing now to get their votes...I must warn XYZ!"
However it all boils down to the spreading of the Marxist message,which is exactly what the CPM wants.
So in the 'em or hate 'em....noone but the very poor and mobileless can ignore them!